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Connecting businesses with their community.
Giving our clients a better view of the future.

Social Media Marketing Agency

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What Makes Us Different?

We live to inspire! In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo with transparency and authenticity; by using the latest technology to bring in quality leads, we naturally boost your revenue. With no contract required and a 30 day money back guarantee, we stand behind our work.


Optimize. Engage. Reach. Grow. Successfully targeting your desired clients at a level never before possible!


Post. Evaluate. Adjust. Repeat. This relentless cycle never ends - let us take the burden off your shoulders!

Sector Specific

Focusing on and studying specific niches to guarantee top quality service. 


Analyzing the generations from Baby Boomers to Gen-Z and beyond as they enter the labour force and turn the economy upside down. 

Future Proof

Staying ahead of the curve! Augmented Reality, Facebook Artificial Intelligence, Social Commerce, Blockchain, etc.

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We Are Here For Your Business

Combined, our team brings more than 30 years of IT, 10+ yrs of marketing experience, a lifetime of literary craftsmanship and visual art, leadership skills from 6 years of Air Force, 20 years of social media knowledge and education from top mentors who have done multi million dollars worth of research in social media marketing.

Our company pursues freedom, purpose, and intentionality. We're about living the best version of ourselves and helping you do the same for your business. Social media is the future and we refuse to see you left behind.


Our Process

This cycle is recursive while we manage your social media and other marketing platforms.

Marketing Plan

With your input, our team creates a customized roadmap to get you to your goals.


Plans are then executed according to that roadmap. Posts, Ads, Front- and back-end optimizations and much more.

Data Collection

Data is the most important asset in this century. We collect a plethora of information without breeching the publics' trust.


We gain a better understanding of your prospective audience and customers allowing us to give them what they want - your product!


Why Hire Experts?

Sure, you could spend countless hours learning the ropes to do it all yourself, but when you finish work for the day, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with all of your social media channels. Learning to leverage these platforms in the most beneficial way is a time consuming process. That precious time should be spent with your family and loved ones. Running your own business is already labour-intensive, so focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest.


What Is Social Media Marketing And Why Does It Matter?

Everyone is on social media, which means your business should be too. It's so much more than getting "likes". Your followers long for authenticity, real content and to know your story. We know where and how to tell that story for long term success. Our team helps your business stay connected with the diverse range of generations through attractive photography, fascinating videos, and captivating graphic design. We then follow our process to make sure the right audience engages with that content.



Coming soon....


Dedicated Team

Small team, huge results! Real people making a real difference.

Jessica Madar

Graphic Designer | Ad Specialist | Copywriter | Social Media Specialist

Balint Madar, B.Sc.

IT Engineer | Photographer | Analyst | Director of Strategy & Operations

Peter Bakonyvari

Advisor - Sales | Marketing | Development

Debra Andrew

Advisor - Leadership, Customer Relations, Marketing

Blair Andrew

Advisor - Business | Sales | Corporate Leadership

Multi-Level Options

A solution for all your business needs.


  • Social Media Management
  • Post Boost and Paid Ads
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Management


  • Basic Plan included
  • Social Media Mgm with Paid Ads
  • Running Complex Ad Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Funnels and Email Marketing


  • Coming soon

How May We Help You!

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