IT Engineer | Photographer | Analyst | Director of Strategy & Operations

Balint Madar is the co-founder of Bird’s-Eye View SMMA, based out of Cochrane, AB.  Born and raised in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, he now calls Canada his home. A man of many talents, he’s taken his wide range of skills and experiences and rolled them all into one fantastic combination of services as the company’s IT guru, in house photographer, analyst (because he’s a total numbers nerd), and our director of strategy and operations.

Balint is man of the sky and has over fifteen years of flying experience, six of which were Air Force as a jet pilot. He has a background of more than ten years in technology and leadership positions, upper-level leadership and management roles from fast-paced and high-stress environments, and nearly five years of oilfield adventures as a heavy equipment operator, supervisor and safety administrator. He also dabbles in real estate investment and studies traditional and decentralized finance in his spare time. Basically, this guy loves to try new things!

In his younger days, Balint swam competitively for 16 years, learning discipline, strength and perseverance. In university he was involved in multiple project management operations off-campus, then participated in a week-long military medical check “just for fun”, where less than 1% of the applicants receive the highest certificate for the supersonic jets. He passed and was chosen as 1 of 7 candidates of that year out of the 3000+ applicants.

After graduating as an IT engineer, he became a fighter pilot trainee in Hungary. A year later he moved overseas and continued his training with the Canadian Air Force under the NATO Forces Act. After meeting his wife, he stayed in Canada and later became a Canadian Citizen in 2017. He’s also Dad to three tiny forces-of-nature (they obviously take after Mom there), who keep him on his toes.

Now, as a civilian pilot instructor, he enjoys a different flying pace, but still gets a truly fantastic ‘birds-eye view’. You can see far and wide when you’ve got that vantage point, and Balint has that same ability when it comes to social media marketing. He can see the larger picture and get you to where you need to be!